At Fort Collins Fitness festival, we believe in two things: fitness and fun! Our festival organizers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival has nothing but the best to offer, and that includes our vendors and classes! Our ultimate goal by putting on this festival is for you to have a good time. So, we have planned lots of fun activities for you and your friends to enjoy. Come visit our booths, take our classes, and form a community of fitness-minded and health-conscious people with us. Check out our schedule below and plan your trip to the very first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

IHeartStage- Live DJ, heart pumping workouts happening every hour

7:30am PodFlow2 by Yoga Pod

8:30am- Total Body HIIT Burn by Orangetheory Fitness

9:30am- Boxing by TITLE Boxing Club

10:30am- Lift, Tone, Burn by Pure Barre

11:30am- iHeart Video Contest Winner Jodi Smith teaching R.I.P.P.E.D.

12:30- Zumba by Genesis Health Club

1:30- St.Jude 40 Yard Dash by BrickHouse FF and MaxMuscle 


Outdoor Fitness Vendors- Workout and experience what each fitness facility has to offer in our Fitness Vendor Area

Brickhouse Functional Fitness-

3 different types of “mini” workouts/classes will be rotated through: CycleFit is 15 min Spin class with 15 minutes of cross training with functional training equipment (normally 60 min). BrickFit is 30 minutes of cardio and full body strength training (normally 60 min). Barre is a low impact, fully body class focusing on strength balance and flexibility (normally 60 min).

Foco Davinci Body-

resistance band workout.

Meraki Yoga- 

7:30am-8:15am | Vinyasa Flow
8:45am-9:30am | Fusion Flow
10am-10:45am | Sculpt Flow
11:15am-12pm | Vinyasa Flow
12:30pm-1:15pm | Sculpt Flow
1:45pm-2:30pm | Fusion Flow

OTAC Crossfit- 

20min CrossFit workouts. These workouts will include a Coach led warm-up and a taste of CrossFit through a 10 to 12 min workout done in the company of friends under the encouragement of good music and exceptional coaching.

Orangetheory Fitness- 

Join Orangetheory Fitness for a 1-hour full body workout. OTF specializes in heart rate based interval training; our high-intensity interval workout is for all fitness levels, and is designed to burn a maximum amount of calories in 1 hour. With Orangetheory, you’ll achieve accelerated results. Get ready for the most heart thumping, dynamic, and fun workout – followed by some serious after-burn!

Pure Barre-

Pure Barre is a total body workout that uses a ballet barre and your own body weight. The goal is to work every muscle group to fatigue, while stretching in between to create a long lean physique. Classes focus on areas people struggle with most: seat, hips, thighs, abs, and arms. The workout is low-impact, designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. That said: it doesn’t skimp on intensity. Pure Barre is intelligently designed to challenge you and change you. It’s athletic. It’s hard. It doesn’t ever get easier, but you get stronger.


15 min HIIT workout that that includes Dumbbells, Kettlebells, battle ropes and tire flips. That touches on the 3 branches of our gym. Functional, Athletic Performance, and Bodybuilding. Interval training. 

Raintree Athletic Club/ ALIVE by Raintree- 

We will create a schedule of 30 minute classes with 15 minutes in between where people can sign up to participate in a mini class.

We will rotate through:

30 Minute Trainer BootCamp – RAC Boot Camp is a free one hour workout of high powered movements to target your whole body, improve overall strength and torch calories! You can expect high intensity circuits using weights and body weight as resistance. Held in the basketball court and led by RAC personal trainers.


30 Minute Glutesanity – Glutesanity is one hour of strength training to target your glutes and lower body, with a focus on improving shape and strength. You can expect to use equipment, free weights, bands, and body weight as your resistance.


30 Minute Personal Training Demo – Come get a taste of Raintree and Alive Personal Training! We believe personal training is our opportunity to empower you physically and mentally along your personal wellness journey.  Get the individual attention you need to reach your goals. A certified personal trainer will focus on YOUR needs and create a fitness plan tailored to YOUR body.


30 Minute Enlighten Yoga Mix – Experience the variety of specialized yoga you’ll have available every day at Raintree Athletic Club. The purpose of our Enlighten Yoga program is to build strength of body, mind, and spirit by blending the ancient philosophies and the foundation of yoga with overall fitness. We facilitate an environment where every individual will become the best possible variation of themselves. Enlighten Yoga offers a variety of classes for all levels, available to members and non-members.


Ironside Athletics- 

Warmup- dynamic warmup to prevent injuries
SAQ- Speed, Agility and Quickness drills
Strength- Build strength and power with a strength circuit. 

Lime Light Fitness-

We will be offering opportunities to try out aerial silks, pole fitness, lyra and fly gym. See how your can get a great workout and defy gravity.

Cerus Fitness –

Obstacle Race!

Genesis Health Clubs with Sport & Fitness Inc. 

Stairmaster HIIT training using treadmill, boxing, bike, upper body ergometer

Club Pilates- 

Reformer equipment demos and Pilates Mat group classes. 

Fort Collins Loveland Krav Maga- 

Mini Self-Defense Classes with strikes, and techniques for specific attacks. Fitness classes with strength endurance, cardio, and strikes. Some Zumba dance fitness.

Real Fitness Equipment –  

Offering HIIT workouts modified to the athlete’s level.

Real Fitness Equipment™ provides a line of high-intensity interval machines created to promote and train strength, speed, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, stamina, power, and core stability.
Each unit provides resistance in both concentric and eccentric motions via isokinetic pistons which offer users a workout that has little to no impact on joints. They are perfect for the conditioned, unconditioned, or even injured athlete.
The lineup currently includes: 
  • The Real Runner™ –  a lower body/core trainer focusing on developing a runner’s stride length, stride frequency, acceleration, and power while simultaneously promoting dorsiflexion of the ankle.
  • The Real Torque™ – an upper body/core trainer focusing on developing core stability, athletic base, and power through both the push and pull motions through the shoulder joint.
and we will be unveiling the newest product addition – The Real Jumper™ –  at the Fort Collins Fitness Festival!
The Real Jumper™  is a trainer focused on developing proper jumping form and increasing vertical jump by training ballistic jump movements. Pairing the Real Jumper™ with a proper weightlifting regimen creates an athlete that can use brute strength in an effective, quick, and explosive manner. 

Vertical Fusion-

Pole Class:

In this choreography taster you will learn a small pole dance routine that consists of beginner level pole moves to get you moving and shaking. Choreography will be multifaceted to ensure each student is working within their level and having fun!

Booty & Chair

This is not your average chair dance class. Get that booty moving learning a mini routine utilizing choreography that incorporates the floor and chair – including acro-balance moves and transitions.


Take your dance to new heights in the aerial hoop! We’ll cover entries, under the hoop spinning, and in the hoop poses. All moves will link together for your own bit of aerial choreography.

RAD Mobility

Introduce your body to the basics of self-myofascial release (SMR) using RAD mobility tools. The targeted release and flushing techniques coupled with light stretching leaves you

feeling open and taller, mindful, mobile and connected. Focus on self-care; address & relieve chronic tension & tightness; learn techniques for recovering from the active lifestyle.


Offering a real Airforce obstacle training experiance!

Vendors- Health and Wellness, Fitness, Apparel, Local Businesses and more!


Colorado Nutrition


Elevate Chiropractic


Holistic Yoga School

Wellness Summit 

Jennifer Watson Leadership


Yoga Pod

LoRusso & Company 

Silx Global

Skin Deep


KRAVE Jerky 

Sheri Engstrom FIT


LaVida Massage (PSH Wellness LLC.) 

Corrie Boyle + dōTERRA Essential Oils 


Impulse Dance LLC

5280 Cryo & Recovery Clinic 


City of Fort Collins Recreation 

Colorado Threads

Traditional Chinese Medical Clinic 


Zzap Wellness, LLC. 

Ascent Studio

Otter Shop

Impact Chiropractic

R&R Fitness

Blue Federal Credit Union

Associates in Family Medicine



Face Love 


First Bank/FORTitude

NoCo Magazine



Donor Alliance


Manic Training

Top Shelf Printing

Revolution Artisan Pops

Whetstone Climbing

Revolution Artisan Pops

Berry Blendz



United States Marine Corps

Burn Boot Camp


Colorado Army National Guard


Square ONE

Air Force


Smart Fit Girls

Harmony skin and wellness clinic

Veronica’s Magical Face Paint

Fort Collins Bounce House