What is it?

Fort Collins Fitness Festival is the first and only fitness festival of its kind in the great state of Colorado, and it is happening on June 30, 2018! With lots of great vendors and fun classes, and a high-energy, motivational environment – the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival is sure to be a blast. Come celebrate fitness and health with us, participate in our exciting classes (all on one stage, for your convenience), and visit our awesome vendors. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring anyone you know who loves fitness. Our ultimate goal and guarantee is to give you a great time. We look forward to building a fitness and health-minded community with you! Click here to get your tickets today and be part of the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival!

Our Motto: Unite and Empower through Fitness

At Fort Collins Fitness Festival, we work hard to create a positive and motivational environment at our event for everyone in attendance. Our volunteers, festival organizers, and instructors all want nothing more than for everyone at our event to have a great time! Our motto does not lie; we truly strive to unite and empower you through fitness. We want to build an awesome community of good people who want each other to succeed in their fitness and health goals, and with Colorado being the fittest state in the nation, that should be a piece of cake! Please click here if you would like to purchase tickets. We look forward to seeing you!