The Fort Collins Fitness Festival is the first of its kind and magnitude to hit Northern Colorado, and it is happening for the first time on June 30, 2018! Our team has spent a long time preparing for this exercise event because we want to ensure a safe, fun and educational time. The ultimate goal of the Fort Collins Fitness Festival is to create a strong, health-minded community by uniting and empowering people through fitness!

We have worked and will continue to work hard to create an awesome environment that encourages everyone to live their best lives. Our live DJ and upbeat setting only add to the fun, making the environment at the first annual Fort Collins Fitness Festival positive and motivational. Bringing together top fitness gurus, new fitness technology, and the most well-known companies in Northern Colorado, we have built an exciting environment that you need to be a part of. We have worked carefully to assemble the best of the best in the fitness industry to teach classes, run booths, and assist attendees at our festival in order to really make this a valuable experience unlike any other!

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of a historic fitness celebration in Fort Collins! Get your tickets here.


-High-Intensity Interval Training
-Dance fitness
-Many more…


-Gyms and studios
-Fitness and running challenges
-Massage therapists
-Fitness assessments
-Many more…




Again, if you would like to buy tickets, click here. To plan your day at Fort Collins Fitness Festival, click here. We will see you there!